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A few weeks back, we asked you how many bubble gums we could fit inside one Lowepro PhotoSport bag—the 24-liter version. 1,198 of you made a guess, and I must say, you were pretty close!

Here is the idea, some of you are math wizards, some are bubble gum experts (huh?), and some work in candy stores. But, then, some of you have no clue about bubble gum, or bags, or volume calculations. But guess what? The results could not have been more surprising.

We had 1,198 incoming guesses. Some were funny, some were really funny (you really want to watch the video for that). But in the end, the average of those 1,298 guesses was 3,009 gums.

This is not bad, considering that the actual number of gums in the bag was 2,153.

You can look below and see the distribution of those guesses. But there is more.

If we take out all the clever-pants, who guesses 12,000,000 or two, we get a very surprising result. In statistics, there is something called trimmed average. It is used to kick away any significantly high or significantly low values that can change the average in a “non-fair” way. To make our trimmed average, we took out the highest 5% of guesses (things like 12,000,000, 3,000,000, and so on) and took out the bottom 5% of the guesses (those mainly were sub-10 bubble gums which is obviously wrong).   Guess what? The average now was 2,207 gums. This is only 54 gums away from the actual number. It’s mind-blowing!!!!

Brian from Alberta, Canada, was pretty close with a guess at 2,144. Brian, expect an email from me! You just won three photo bags:

Here is what I learned from this exercise: Jawbreakers smell like childhood but taste like death. Lowepro bags can hold gums fresh for three weeks. And never, never underestimate the power of the wisdom of the masses.

A huge thank you goes out to Manfrotto for sponsoring this giveaway, you guys rock, and you know it!

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