Woodworking news — September 6, 2022

Woodpeckers introduces new products: Joint Bridge Clamping Pads, Deluxe Trammel System and Mortise & Tenon Templates

Strongsville, OH – Woodpeckers recently released a new product that addresses an issue facing woodworkers since the invention of glue. Joint Bridge Clamping Pads align the faces of your panel sections without actually touching the joint line. By bridging over the seam, they avoid getting glued to your project and have better leverage.

The bridging action also comes in handy when working on through-inlaid cutting boards and other projects where a sandwiched piece extends above and below the main panel sections. For older clamps that lack the soft-faced pads found on modern clamps, Joint Bridges can distribute clamping pressure and eliminate dents in your material.

Woodpeckers Deluxe Trammel System

With a variety of indexing and marking features and three lengths of beams (plus connectors to extend the beams even further), Woodpeckers Deluxe Trammel System draws arcs with either a steel scribe or a mechanical pencil, checks diagonals on drawers and boxes, measures the distance between circular holes, and becomes a long-reaching marking gauge. And the whole kit and kaboodle stores on a wall-mountable Rack-It that keeps your Deluxe Trammel System right in plain sight and ready for work.

The deadline to order is Monday, September 19, 2022. Once orders are filled, this tool will be retired from Woodpeckers’ product line.

Woodpeckers New Mortise & Tenon Templates

Woodpeckers New Mortise & Tenon Templates, Mortise & Tenon Stylus and Mortise & Tenon Variable Stylus make your mortise and tenon joinery on the Multi-Router, come together faster and more accurate than ever before. Woodpeckers’ new MT Templates are a combination mortise and tenon template. Not only do these templates help you make perfectly dimensioned tenons, they also combine with a feature on both the new MT Stylus and Variable Stylus to quickly setup stop collars for routing a perfectly matching mortise.

Introductory sale pricing expires on Monday, September 26, 2022.

New releases from Crucible Tool: Center Square and Godrilla

Based on a vintage tool, the Crucible Center Square comes in two versions. The smaller one (now available) is machined from a solid chunk of steel in Kentucky. It measures 3-1/4″ long x 1-5/8″ wide x almost 3/8″ thick overall. The working area of the blade is 2-7/16″ long and includes a 1/8″ hang hole. It is ideal for chairmakers or turners who need to mark the centers of spindles or sticks for turning or shaving.

Crucible Center Square

The larger one will be available later in 2022.

The Crucible GoDrilla extends the reach of your drill bits (and other tooling) without introducing any run-out or wobble. This precision-machined tool (made in Tennessee) allows you to perform many unusual boring and fastening operations with immense ease and accuracy.

Crucible GoDrilla

Home center bit extenders are cheap, poorly made and are designed for operations where run-out is OK. An oversized hole will be hidden behind drywall. In most woodworking operations, however, an oversized hole is an ugly, gappy disaster.

Union and Heartwood Tools announces new Burnisher Rod

If you’ve ever struggled with turning a hook (or burr) on a scraper, or simply thought there might be a better way, Blackburn Tools and Union Manufacturing Company have designed this patent pending tool for you.

The heart of the patent pending Accu-Burr™ burnisher is a 3/16″ diameter carbide rod with three v-shaped grooves around the middle of the rod. These grooves are precision ground to turn a fine, medium, or coarse (5°, 10°, or 15°, respectively) burr simultaneously on both sides of any prepared scraper edge.

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