Wildmender is a coop survival that’s about protecting nature

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The upcoming survival game, Wildmender is an upcoming indie survival game, with an emphasis on coop communities forming to protect and restore nature. The game is about looking to protect the past and present of nature in the game’s world. You will explore the landscapes, and unlock the secrets of its work,d while also preserving nature. Moreso, Kwalee revealed that is a 4 player coop game, which allows four players to go on the adventure together.

Wildmender is a save-the-world nature survival game

As players set off on their journey through Wildmender, you will encounter some usual survival game mechanics. Go ahead and build your base, explore different biomes and collect new items to unlock new things and progress through the game. There’s also a new system to the game, unlike other survival games. You will need to plan irrigation systems to correctly rehydrate and save the land,

Moreso, there is a world of magic to uncover. One of the threats you will come across in the game is the threat of wraiths. These enemies corrupt the land and try to make the world dead, just like them. So, you need to combat corruption. One of the ways you do that is by reviewing magic boons from animals. The more of the nature you save, the more you will be able to use magic to fight off enemies and progress through the game.

Regarding its multiplayer features, Wildmender supports up to four players coop, along with character creation. Feel free to make your own character using the preset options for faces, hair and clothing.

Regarding the announcement, Max Everingham, head of PC and console publishing at Kwalee said: “We are so impressed with the creative vision and gorgeous direction – both artistically and ethically – that Muse Games have taken with ‘Wildmender’ and feel honoured they have chosen us as publisher. We can’t wait to see how the full game delivers on this vision and think gamers are going to love the inspirational twist on the survival gameplay.”

If you’re interested in keeping tabs on the game’s development, feel free to check out the game’s social media channels like Twitter, Discord, and more. Or visit the website over at Muse Games. This is just another drop in the water for new comfy games and survival game reveals and updates over presentation season. You can see more examples of survival games like Nightingale here.

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