What is Today’s Wordle 272? March 18 hints and meaning

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A new Wordle answer is live for March 18, 2022, and you’d butter believe we’ve got it for you right here! We’re not quite giving it away just yet, so if you only want some hints, then you can keep reading. We’ll give you fair warning before you get to the big spoilers. So let’s get to it, here are your hints for Wordle 272…

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Wordle 272 hints March 18

  • Today’s word features the least used vowel in five-letter words.
  • Overall, three of the five letters are vowels.
  • Today’s word is most frequently used as a verb, but can be a noun or adjective.

Hungry for some more?

  • You may have already spotted a couple of hints, as today’s Wordle answer is food related!
  • The third letter in today’s Wordle is U.

What is today’s Wordle answer for March 18?

Hopefully, the hints above were the right ingredients for Wordle success today. If not, then you might still be looking for the answer. In that case, read on. But if not, here is your last spoiler alert warning, as the answer is below this image… Read on at your own risk!

wordle iage

Today’s tasty Wordle answer is… SAUTÉ! A bit of a tricky one today, especially thanks to that naughty U in the middle. As mentioned above, U is the least used vowel in five-letter words. Did you get it without our help? As always, let us know in the comments!

Sauté meaning


Sauté is a cooking term and it refers to flash frying something in a very small amount of oil or fat. It can also be used as a noun or as an adjective to refer to or describe the food cooked in this manner. Perhaps today’s Wordle will inspire people in the kitchen tonight!

As you wait for tomorrow’s Wordle to go live, as it does every day, at midnight in the UK (5pm PST/8pm EST/1am CET), why not check out some other online games like Wordle? Or, if you find yourself struggling with Wordle most days, see if there are any hints or tips you can take away from our Wordle strategy guide.

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