What is the Totem of Undying in Minecraft and How to Get It – All You Need to Know

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Those who play Minecraft on a regular basis will definitely have a moment where they have faced one embarrassing death situation. Fortunately, there is an item in Minecraft that can help you avoid these embarrassing situations. It’s not easy to come by, and it only lasts for one usage, but you can depend on it to save your bacon when all other safeguards fail.

What is the Totem of Undying? 

In 2016, the Exploration Update brought the Totem of Undying to Minecraft, along with llamas, villagers, and forest mansions. They’re simple to use: put one in your offhand slot when you’re about to enter a perilous scenario, and it’ll spring into action if you take lethal damage.

The totem recovers half a health point and eliminates all status ailments right away, then grants you a lengthy burst of Regeneration II, Fire Resistance, and Absorption II effects, rendering you nearly invulnerable. However, there are some circumstances in which it will not save you, such as falling into the abyss or being killed by a vindictive server admin with the /kill command.

A totem of undying may only be used once. Moreover, it also shields players from the end, so those facing the Ender Dragon at the conclusion need not fear, albeit caution is advised. Parts of the emptiness are protected by the totem, but not all.

If players fall into the void, for example, the totem will save them and transfer them to the top of a neighboring island. Unfortunately, the totem will not protect players if they are hit off the end platform or if their elytra runs out while flying in the end, therefore they must be cautious when in the finish.

Where to find the Totem of Undying? 

Woodland Mansions

In Minecraft, woodland mansions are generally found in a roofed forest biome, which might be difficult to detect. Trading for a forest exploration map from a cartographer villager is the best method to find one.

The map will then indicate the location of a Woodland Mansion after players have obtained it. To get totems, players must kill the Evokers that have spawned inside the mansion. At least one totem will be dropped by evokers when they die.

In most cases, players will receive four totems in a Woodland Mansion, although they may receive more if they are lucky. To get the totems in Minecraft, users must set the difficulty level to hard. Despite the fact that the Evokers will spawn on easy mode, they will not drop totems unless the game mode is set to hard.

Pillager Outposts 

Finding a pillager outpost and killing the raid commander or patrol leader is the second method Minecraft players may get the totem of undying. Because he wears a large flag on his head, the former is easy to detect.

When the Minecraft raid captain is slain, players are cursed with a terrible omen, which causes a raid to be triggered anytime they visit a settlement. The tough component is that the raid must be triggered by the presence of inhabitants in the settlement.

Due to the bad omen, a raid will begin as the player enters a settlement full of inhabitants. To get the Undying Totems, players must finish all of the raid’s waves. Evokers ride ravagers and generally spawn on wave five or wave seven in Minecraft. When they’re slain, they’ll each drop an undying totem.

The Totem of Undying is indeed a useful tool for times of crisis and completely worth the grind that players have to pull to find this item.

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