What Is the Rabbit’s Foot and How Do You Find It in Stardew Valley?

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In Stardew Valley, obtaining a rabbit’s foot might be difficult. A rabbit’s foot is necessary to finish a golden scroll in order to rebuild the community center, and it may be given as a present that the great majority of people will appreciate. A poor outcome in the Group 10-Heart Event is one of the item’s numerous applications. Fortunately, there are a few options for obtaining this item.

Let’s find out its primary uses and how to find it in the game. 

  • When solving the riddle shown in Secret Note #20, one Rabbit’s Foot is utilized.
  • In the Group 10-Heart Event, having a Rabbit’s Foot in your inventory prevents a poor outcome.

The first and most reliable method of obtaining a rabbit’s foot is to purchase one. The Traveling Cart will occasionally sell it for 1,695-2,825g. Whether the other ways in this article aren’t working, check to see if the moving cart has it in stock.

Raising rabbits on your farm can also help you get a rabbit’s foot. To get them to drop one in the morning, treat them well, and enhance their happiness and attitude. It will be laying on the ground if you step into the coop where they live. This is a more uncommon drop, but it’s definitely the safest method to expect you’ll get one someday.

Finally, while battling serpents in the Skull Cavern, a rabbit’s foot has a very tiny chance of dropping. Because the serpent only has a 0.8 chance of dropping the item upon death, the other two methods are probably more dependable, but not guaranteed and pricey in one case.

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