What are Grass blocks in Minecraft and How to make them?

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Grass is a common resource in Minecraft. Except for oceans, deserts, mesas, and iceberg biomes, it grows in every biome. This increases the amount of grass available for players to utilize and grow.

In Minecraft, there are three different grass types. Tall grass blocks may grow up to two blocks tall and can be found in all biomes. Plains and forest biomes are common places to find these tall grass blocks.

There are grass blocks that only reach a height of one block. These are fairly numerous, and when mined, they frequently drop wheat seeds. These grass blocks will drop a grass block that players may put anywhere when sheered.

The grass on top of dirt blocks is the last grass variety. This grass can be found almost anywhere in Minecraft. The process of growing grass is discussed in this article.

How can you make grass blocks in Minecraft? 

In Minecraft, there are two ways to obtain grass bricks. To begin, use a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment to create a grass block. You’ll only get a dirt block if you don’t have this enchantment. Second, killing an enderman holding a grass block will give you a grass block. Without utilizing Silk Touch, this is the only method to achieve a grass block.

If the conditions are satisfied, grass can grow to dirt blocks and form a grass block. Here’s how to get grass to spread to a dirt block and turn it into a glass block.

  • The source grass must be within the 3x3x5 range of the dirt block.
  • On top of the source grass block, direct light of level 9 or brighter is required.
  • The soil needs some light, and the amount of light does not matter. As a result, even if there is a semi-transparent layer on top of the soil block, grass can still grow on it as long as the upper surface is exposed to light.
  • Water, lava, or a waterlogged variation block cannot be right above the soil block. Grass will not be stopped by ice or slime blocks.

What are the common behaviors of Grass blocks? 


If a non-transparent block is placed on top of a grass block, the grass will die after a certain amount of time and the block will transform into soil. A translucent block can achieve the same thing if it can lower the grass block’s light level below level 4 and the surrounding region is too dark. With a hoe, you can change a grass block into a farming block.


Animals can spawn on grass blocks with a level 9 or higher direct light in Minecraft Java Edition. However, this is quite unusual, and it necessitates the presence of several other creatures. The majority of animals are born into the world.

Animals appear on a regular basis in Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s Overworld on grass blocks with a level 7 or higher light. It’s worth noting that in order for animals to spawn, there must be no blocks above the grass block.


To produce compost, fill the Composter with grass blocks.

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