Weird West Legendary Weapons Guide

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Weird West has a variety of different weapons you can get, each with its own tier of rarity. The best guns in the game are the orange quality weapons, which are considered legendary weapon quality. Here is a guide on Weird West’s legendary weapons.

How to get Legendary Weapons in Weird West

As it stands, the only reliable way to get legendary weapons is via the gun stores in settlements. These gun stores are an important part of acquiring the strongest weaponry, allowing you to take on the hardest challenges in the game with ease. There is at least one legendary item per weapon slot, meaning you can acquire a legendary melee weapon, revolver, rifle, bow and shotgun. You can also get legendary vests from clothiers if you wanted to complete the full orange inventory, which will set you back $1000 retail, while each legendary weapon costs $1500 base retail value.

You can get the base retail value made cheaper by having a strong reputation. In addition, the Haggle based Golden Ace of Spade perk will also make stores offer better discounts to all your characters throughout the playthrough.

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You will need to travel across the west in pursuit of different items. The towns you want to look at include Grackle and Dry Gulch. Hover over the settlement icon and check for the gun symbol and make sure they have a gun store. We noticed you could only start buying Weird West’s legendary weapon once you started playing as the Pigman.

However, if you don’t fancy coughing up the cost for one of these weapons, you can try to steal them. The way to steal legendary weapons in Weird West is by stealing the key to the store from the shopkeeper. Find out where their bedroom is and pickpocket the key from them in their sleep. Some sores have bedrooms above the store, while others will go to a house in the town. Either way, track where they are and try to break into their bedroom.

Once you have the key, you can return to the store, open it up, and then loot the storage chests, display cabinets, etc. Just don’t get caught doing so; otherwise, big trouble.  Also, don’t go looting a town your character has only just arrived at, as the locals will figure you out immediately.

This concludes the Weird West legendary weapons guide. Why not check out the WePC Weird West hub for more WW content?

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