Weird West Golden Ace of Spades guide: Locations and purpose

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Weird West has many collectables, most of which are key to getting yourself some pretty upgrades for your character progression. While nuggets focus on improving guns, Nimp Relics on skills, Golden Ace of Spades is the time that gives you passive upgrades, and therefore, one of the most important collectables of all. Here is everything you need to know about the Weird West Golen Ace of Spades collectable.

Weird West Golden Ace of Spades’ purpose and functionality

Weird West’s Golden Ace of Spaced collectable is one of the most important and highly sort after items in the game. These items serve to grant your character passive upgrades in a variety poof departments. Typically, the first upgrade only costs one Golden Ace of Space, but the next tier in that upgrade cost three, with the final tier upgrade costing five.

More so, every single upgrade is very tempting. There are in total 13 different perk passives you can invest in, with each tier vastly improving the feature it targets. The 13 different passive are:

  • Locksmith – chance to save one of your lockpicks from breaking when picking locks.
  • Scrounger – Find more money in containers.
  • Haggler – Reduce shop prices by a percentage amount.
  • Posse Leader – Boost your Posse members’ damage output and maximum HP.
  • Demolitionist – Deal more damage using explosives.
  • High Jumper – Jump higher and take less fall damage.
  • Ambusher – Inflict more damage to unaware targets.
  • Trail Medic – Recover more HP using bandages.
  • Hunter – Move faster while using Rifles, Shotguns and Bows.
  • Bullet Dodger – increase fire rat during dodge leap.
  • Quick Reload – Increase reload speed.
  • Healthy – Increase your HP points.
  • Quick Stealth – Increase movement speed while crouching.

As you can tell, there are plenty of really good options, fit for a variety of playstyles. So, invest your Golden Ace of Spades, as you wish.

Also, the Weird West Golden Ace of Space passives you buy are permanently for your save. It means that the five different characters you play will all have the same passive benefits whenever you get round to playing them.

Weird West Golden Ace of Spades locations

Coming across the Weird West Ace of Spades locations are quite common. You will find them on the side and main missions and random events. From what we can tell, there is at minimum one Golden Ace of Spade per main story mission, including a variety of missions with multiple areas to complete one quest. These are typically in boxes, shelves, or on the floor around the mission area revealed by their golden glow. For example, there were three stones stacked on top of each other in the Copper Mountain Quarry, moving them reveals an Ace of Spades, which you spot earlier with a faint golden glow.

Moreso, side mission locations almost always have one located in a chest; as do settlements for that matter. So, make sure you explore every nut and cranny of a location before you debark. You can potentially get even more if you enter restricted areas, adding risk for your reward. We recommend checking trap doors too for other hidden parts of the level.

Lastly, you can get Ace of Spades from the travellers and Wanderer caravans you encounter on the world map. They can cost around $170 dollars, or significantly less if you have the discount perk and a high reputation character.

This concludes our Weird West Golden Ace of Spades guide. For more Weird West guides, why not check out the WePC WW hub?

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