Weird West Best Perks: Most useful perks for different styles

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The Weird West perk system is one of the features that impact every single aspect of the game for all playable characters. There are quite a lot of different perks, each with its own passive and percentage bonuses. So, to help you break down what’s the most worthwhile perks, here is our guide to the best perks in Weird West.

Weird West’s best perks:

Okay, there are plenty of perks in the game, with each unlockable by spending either one, three or five, Golden Ace of Spades that you collect through a variety of main and side missions. You can invest these Golden Ace of Spades into the following:

  1. Ambusher – Inflict more damage to unaware targets.
  2. Bullet Dodger – Increase fire rat during dodge leap.
  3. Demolitionist – Deal more damage using explosives.
  4. Haggler – Reduce shop prices by a percentage amount.
  5. Healthy – Increase your HP points.
  6. High Jumper – Jump higher and take less fall damage.
  7. Hunter – Move faster while using Rifles, Shotguns and Bows.
  8. Locksmith – Chance to save one of your lockpicks from breaking when picking locks.
  9. Posse Leader – Boost your Posse members’ damage output and maximum HP.
  10. Quick Reload – Increase reload speed.
  11. Quick Stealth – Increase movement speed while crouching.
  12. Scrounger – Find more money in containers.
  13. Trail Medic – Recover more HP using bandages.

As you can see, most of these are quite tasty. So, the answer if what do you want to focus on. We have decided that you’re going to find quite a few are the best perks in Weird West for different playstyles. And here’s why.

For those who like the root and point and shoot, the Posse Leader, Hunter and Quick Reload is going to be must-have perks. The Posse Leader increases the damage and health of your posse, with the percentages increasing depending on the tier you have in that perk. Meanwhile, Hunter increases your movements speed while using rifles, bows and shotguns, allowing you to gap close or potential kite monsters and other nasty NPCs while in combat. Lastly, you have the Quick reload, which increases reload speed depending on the tier of the passive. The Healthy and Trail Medic perks are also good shouts for this playstyle, as they increase healing with bandages and increase your character’s total HP. Most of these traits are in fact the best perks in Weird West in general.

For those looking to play a  thief playstyle, then you might find more use for the High Jumper, Locksmith, and Scorunger perks. These are easily the best Weird West Perks for those who plan on breaking crimes for a variety of reasons. Take High Jumper, for example, it makes it easier to sneak around on rooftops if you’re evading the law in a town, or perhaps even to get onto a roof to then break in via a rope in a chimney. Then, getting extra dollars through stealing containers is a nice idea, plus the chance to save a lockpick can come in clutch.

Other generally good to use perks include the Locksmith and the Haggler. The Haggler is generally good as getting a big discount on the $1500 legendary quality weapons is an added bonus, and we have already discussed the Locksmith above.

Overall, go with what perks stand out the most to you and your playstyle, as that likely means they are the best Weird West perks for you. For more guides, why not check out our Weird West hub for more content?

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