Weird West Becomes Xbox Game Pass Day one launch

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The latest cowboy RPG, Weird West is out now, offering players an interesting story, filled with the usual tropes of Arkane’s (new studio with previous Arkane devs) do what you want playstyles. For those who know they will love it, the game is available on all platforms for roughly £30, converted to your local currency, but money is tight. So, if you fancy a new game, you’ll be pleased to know that Weird West is on Xbox Game Pass.

The Weird West Xbox Game Pass appearance is valid for both the PC version and the regular Xbox console version. So, if you’re interested in giving this isometric immersive sim RPG a go, then you can do so by checking the appropriate Game Pass section. Console players merely need to visit the store page with an active game pass subscription to get it, while PC players can check out the Xbox App on their PC to see the game for themselves.

The game is roughly 13GB is storage space, at least that is what it is for use Steam users, so make sure you have enough space before you get to download the game. When you go download and get on the game, familiarise yourself with the controls and have fun. If you need any tips, feel free to check our tips page for some content.

For those looking for more content for Xbox Game Pass in April 202, there is a few big launches, such as MLB The Show and Chinatown Detective Agency. Moreso, Destiny 2’s Forsaken Shadowkeep and Beyond Light are leaving the Game Pass. No doubt there is going to be plenty of content coming up for Game Pass as it is looking like a relatively quiet month for the subscription service.

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