Warner Brothers reveal Hogwarts Legacy holiday 2022 release window

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Warner Brothers and Sony have unveiled a 20 minute long State of Play on March 17, showing off the first deep dive into the game’s gameplay. Moreso, the State of Play offered a promising release window, stating gamers should expect Hogwarts Legacy in holiday 2022.

The game was announced back in 2020 as a surprise, although we did not get much information, other than a Harry Potter world is in the making. It is set in the 1800’s and takes us to a time before the iconic cast of characters we know through Rowling’s work. Here we get to see Hogwarts in all its glory.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Trailer

The trailer showed off a mixture of gameplay elements even a character creator working in full, along with house sorting and the usual Harry Potter and Hogwarts thematics. We even got to see some form of duelling in the game’s main story as our characters learn all about magic, along with potion crafting, herbalism, and other aspects of the Hogwarts curriculum.

Moreso, the trailer featured some aspects of the story, showcasing the tale of the goblins and dark wizards working together. Without revealing too much of the plot of course. It seems the player character will be Harry Potter lite, with some connection to the grander plot and how good our character will get.

With that said, it means we got to see a glimpse of how the game’s combat feels. It appears to be a lock on themed combat, with your spells allowing you to interact with the game’s environment. You can do your spells as normal, and maybe use someone’s weapons against them, or maybe even yeet a giant barrel of gunpowder conveniently placed for your amusement.

The Room of Requirement is a player housing feature in the game. You can create extra potions, create gear, and more. You can also personalise your space with buildings, create cottages, place magical animals, etc. For the magical beasts part, you need to find these in the wilds outside Hogwarts, bring them back to your space and nurse them back to health.

With the number of features on show, a Hogwarts Legacy holiday 2022 release date feels reasonable. Hopefully, we will have an exact date locked down closer to launch. The end of 2022 will be a busy one, with Starfield and Hogwarts Legacy contending for players’ attention.

You can catch the Hogwarts Legacy Holiday 2022 trailer here for those interested.

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