V Rising Scrolls Guide: How to get and make scrolls

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You thought you were done with technology, did you? It turns out there is an entirely new tier of technology waiting for you to work through. This is where V Rising’s scrolls come in. Throughout the Farmlands, you will stumble upon a wide variety of items, including Scrolls. These are going to be the main item you need to collect to work your way through the next tier of technology in your study.

Scrolls, like paper, are commonly found items in the Farmlands region. You can find them in most human territories, including:

  • Militia Encampments.
  • Militia Camps.
  • Dunley Monastery. 
  • Dawnbreak Village.

The best sources of scrolls will be in the Dunley Monastery and Dawnbreak Village. These areas have plenty of enemies, chests, and smashable props that have a chance to drop the items. They are also quite big and are easily accessible, depending on your farmland base location.

There are also plenty of small militia camps and encampments you can raid during the night. These areas are filled with enemy NPCs and will put up a fight. But, quick back-to-back raids in these areas every other day can generate you some decent resources over time.

Remember, you’re going to need 75 scrolls to unlock a research in the study. So, get killing humans in the farmlands.

Once you get to the mid-game, it is possible to make scrolls, along with paper and schematics via the printing press, but first, you need to do the following:

  1. Kill Frostmaw the Mountain Terror.
  2. Build a Printing Press
  3. Collect sawdust, gemdust, and paper

Firstly, you need to hunt down the V enemy, Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror. He is a gear score level 56 enemy, found in the snowy mountain to the east of the grass and wood regions. You will find it at the fork in the road with the north road leading towards the farmlands, the east road leading around the mountain and the southern road towards the woods.

Upon killing Frostmaw, you will unlock the ability to make scrolls. However, you then need a printing press. The printing press is research you can get your hands on using the new study research table. You will either have to get lucky with the random research using the scrolls you are already collecting or, you can find one of those books that contain the printing press research,

Once you unlock the printing press and place it, you can produce scrolls using sawdust from a lumber mill. You will also rely on paper, which you can produce in the paper mill, which you unlock via the first research bench. You can also produce paper at the Printing Press. We recommend stock piling spare paper through the paper mill ready for when you get the Printing Press to power through the Study’s research tasks.

This concludes how to make and find scrolls in V Rising. If you liked this article why not check out our V Rising hub for more content?

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