TV vs Monitor For Gaming (Console & PC Gaming)

What’s the score on the doors? In this section, we’re going to do some quick summarizing, along with our final verdict and a few recommendations.

Image quality and HDR

TVs achieve superior viewing experiences at lower price points, and also have better support for HDR than monitors do. For this reason, we chose TVs for this category, but you can get better image quality if you’re willing to spend more on your monitor.

Input lag

Monitors win this category, hands-down. Even with high-end gaming TVs sporting fast response times and high refresh rates, they are less affordable. Even IPS panel gaming monitors now feature incredibly low input lag, so it’s a clean sweep for the monitor.

High refresh rates and sync technologies

If you want to play with a high refresh rate and actually make use of framerates above 60, a gaming monitor is an obvious choice. Most TVs with high refresh rates only use those refresh rates for interpolation, not raw visual performance, and even the few that do have worse input latency than monitors.

Variable refresh rate technologies are supported by both TVs and monitors but are much more affordable on the latter. FreeSync and G-Sync displays still have a hefty price premium over displays that don’t support those features so make sure you use the technology if you are going to buy it.


For those just looking for a solid gaming experience at a low price, it’s going to be much easier to achieve that with a gaming monitor than it is on a TV, especially if you’re a competitive player.

When we are looking at monitors vs TVs for gaming, it’s clear that monitors win. However, if you prioritize viewing over playing, you could argue a TV is the way to go. That said, with the latest gaming monitors featuring IPS panels, HDR, and wide viewing angles, gaming monitors are the clear winner.


Last but not least is comfort, which TVs win pretty conclusively thanks to larger viewing distances and wider viewing angles. There’s a reason that TVs are the go-to for couch gaming and local multiplayer, they simply create a better experience overall.

Yes, slouching on the couch while gaming is the ultimate in comfort but with high-end gaming monitors featuring IPS panels you get excellent viewing angles, and with the option to buy ultrawide 4K gaming monitors, there is something to be said for both.

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