adds sustainability criteria to reviews has launched a new initiative to include sustainability in its testing criteria when reviewing products.

The move will see request answers on key questions around a product’s sustainability whenever it is reviewed. The information will then be added to every review making it clear to readers and buyers what steps have been taken to reduce the product’s impact on the environment.

The questionnaire is based on research done on key topics including the right to repair, European Energy grading adding and sustainable design guidance as well as interviews with experts from the industry leading sources. The questions were created using the research and then assessed by experts at BusinessGreen.

It focuses on four key areas: the materials used, the supply chain making it, its repairability and recyclability.

As well as boosting transparency the initiative hopes to reward companies that are helping reduce the consumer tech industry’s impact on the planet. Those that meet set standards will be offered accredited badges from

At launch these will include badges for 3 key categories:

  • Using sustainable materials
  • Repairability
  • Recyclability

Products that secure all three of these will be awarded an overarching “Sustainability” badge.

The initiative is part of’s core brand values. Since relaunching as a separate business the firm has cemented a core value that Global Warming is Not a Myth and will continuously endeavour to help protect our planet from harm.

“Global warming and the impact humanity has on the planet is one of the biggest challenges we currently face. Which is why as a publication it’s important we factor it into our coverage and help readers understand the impact each device they buy, and we review, has on the environment,” said Trusted Reviews Editor-in-Chief Alastair Stevenson.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the new measures we’re taking to help celebrate the companies pushing sustainability. It’s also my hope that, even if the firms don’t have answers straight away, just by asking these questions we as a publication can help them start their journey towards a more sustainable future. I’d also like to personally thank Bang and Olufsen for being the first company to send responses. It’s great to see a big name company on board with the initiative so early on.”

You can see its responses in our Bang and Olufsen Beoplay EX review.

BusinessGreen Editor-in-Chief, James Murray, welcomed the initiative calling it a key step to help improve awareness of the issue.

“Sustainability is a key area not factored into most consumer review sites’ coverage or testing criteria. Seeing it added on Trusted Reviews is a great start to get this key issue more widely acknowledged and inform consumers about the environmental impact their purchases have on the planet. Given Trusted Reviews’ authority in the product testing space and the conversations we have had about its long-term goals around sustainability, I’m confident the new initiative will help shine a light on this often ignored side of consumer technology,” said Murray.

The initiative has taken immediate effect. Companies interested in using any of the badges should direct enquiries to Feedback and editorial requests for more information should be sent to You can see the full list of questions we send on our Sustainability Info page.

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