Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum review

Security is becoming a more and more prevalent issue and being able to monitor your home is the only way to have peace of mind while away. Instead of buying a security system, Trifo allows you to use their AI home robot vacuum, Lucy, to monitor your house while you are away.

From testing this robot, it is clear that this device is built to be a security tool as well as a cleaning tool for your home.

User Experience

I must say that based on the way this vacuum looks, and bhow it is boxed, it has a very modern and sleek feel. The setup process is quite easy if you have your own Wi-Fi and do not rely on a host. The camera on the robot makes the setup easier as well since the robot can directly scan a QR code displayed on your phone.

Once set up you can control just about everything through the app. This vacuum offers the most user control I have ever seen; it even gives you the option to directly control it like an RC car. Furthermore, you can lower the suction power of the robot if wanted.

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