Today’s Wordle May 16 Hints, Clues, and Answer

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After last week’s historic changing of several different answers to Wordle puzzles, hopefully, this week can really get the game back on track. With a fresh week of word-based puzzles ahead of us, we can all hopefully look forward to a less controversial set of solutions. We’re happy to report that today’s answer is about as inoffensive as it gets. That said, if you’re struggling then we’ve got the hints and even today’s Wordle answer to help you get by.

Wordle Hints May 16, 2022

General Wordle Hints

  • Try to use as many vowels in your opening guess as possible (words like Ouija are a good start.)
  • Try to eliminate the most common consonants first since that will make the number of potential answers smaller.
  • Don’t forget, the letters that you can eliminate in each guess are as important as the ones that you confirm.

Specific Hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

  • There is only one vowel in today’s solution, but it appears in the word twice.
  • Today’s wordle answer is a verb.
  • The solution means to search for something in a receptacle or go digging for something.

World Answer, May 16, 2022

As per usual there is a huge spoiler warning right here. If you want the joy of solving this puzzle for yourself, you really shouldn’t read any further.

todays worlde answer 331 16 may 2022

Today’s Wordle answer is… Delve. This particular word is a fun way of saying you’ve gone digging for something in your pockets/bag, and coincidentally means to go actually digging in the ground for stuff as well. It’s not necessarily a word that we think about consciously all that often, but it’s probably come up in conversation once or twice in your life.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for even more Wordle hints and answers. We provide you with the best daily hints to help you get the answer without spelling it out for you. Of course, we do also spell it out for you, but still. If you want more general help then check out our Wordle Tips, StartingWords, and Hints page for the best starts to help you master the game.

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