This is this the most versatile thing in a photo studio?

What is the most versatile item in your studio? Is it your camera that can take photos and video? Or maybe your laptop you use for tethering, editing, and chatting with your clients? Perhaps it’s your speedlight or a V-flat which both can be used in a variety of ways.

The most versatile item in Filip Soukup’s studio is none of the above. In fact, this Czech photographer argues that, for him, it’s a simple, cheap, and easy-to-build DIY item. It’s a board you can easily make on your own, and in his video, Filip shows you how… and why.

To make this board, you’ll need a 1/4″-20 male threaded adapter, and you can get a 3-pack for $25.50. You’ll also need a wooden board, and it can be any piece of scrap wood you lay your hands on. So, I’ won’t even put a price tag on it. Drill a hole in the center of the board, screw in the adapter, and your multifunctional DIY board is ready to go.

Now that we know the how, let’s talk about the why. This DIY board is a simple item, but it can be used in many ways: as a laptop tray, a product photography base, a light stand, a vision board… Or a coffee table when you need to take a break from shooting. In Filip’s videos, you can see all the ways in which he’s using this simple item.

Us at DIYP liked this idea because it’s so simple, yet so versatile. We often get involved in complicated projects and forget that we can enhance our living or shooting space with something that is cheap, simple to make, and useful in many ways. Filip’s video has reminded us that simple solutions often work best. For more of his ideas and photos, make sure to check out his website, YouTube channel and Instagram.

[The MOST versatile thing in my studio | Filip Soukup]

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