The snazziest PS5 console covers will finally land in June

Back in December, Sony revealed five new faceplates and matching DualSense controllers for the PS5 console, but teased us by holding back the snazziest trio.

While the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black accessories have been available for a few months now, many gamers have been waiting for the Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, and Nova Pink console cover options to come down to earth before sprucing-up their machine.

Well, that day is now but a month away. Sony has announced the trio will be available to customers in the UK, parts of Europe and the US on June 17. Users will be able to buy them from Sony (at for £44.99/$54.99. The matching controllers, some of which are already available, cost £64.99.

“These new console covers are beautiful and easy to use — simply remove your original white PS5 console covers and click your new ones into place,” Sony says in a blog post. “The PS5 console covers will be available for both the PS5 with the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and the PS5 Digital Edition and are sold separately from the PS5 console and DualSense controller.”

The customisation options have been welcomed by gamers who weren’t enamoured by the penguin-like black and white design for the PS5, upon its arrival.

Some third-party providers attempted to break up the hegemony with some unofficial faceplates, but were quickly – and perhaps unfairly – shut down by Sony’s intellectual property lawyers. It wasn’t until a year later we learned why Sony was so keen to clear the path before it, as official faceplates with matching controllers were revealed.

What colour cover would you like to adorn your prized PS5? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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