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I have a habit of cruising Craigslist for old machinery. Last week, Craigslist suddenly started serving me listings from all over the country, causing me to stumble upon a new type of machine I never knew existed. I figure if I didn’t know about the Rockwell Uniplane, some of you might not have heard of it either. In this video, legendary guitar maker Ken Parker shows off his Uniplane and goes pretty far down a rabbit hole demonstrating how he trues up the tables.

Legend has it that it was created for school woodshop environments to use as a safer alternative to a jointer for edge jointing. I don’t know how much safer it may or may not be, especially for a face-jointing operation like Ken demonstrates at the end of this video.

I love cool old machinery, but for me the Uniplane would likely be a pass. Nonetheless, it is an interesting bit of kit!

If you found that video interesting, here’s some more information about the Uniplane!

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