The Planet Crafter Golden Chests locations and loot

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Planet Crafter has you running around, getting materials to turn this red planet into a tropical oasis. While running around the world, you’ll encounter chests, containing a plethora of resources, unique items and microchips containing blueprints. While these are great, there are some event better boxes to look out for called Golden Chests. These chests can obtain even more rare and valuable items. Below is a guide on how to find the Planet Crafter Golden Chest locations.

Planet Crafter Golden Chest Locations

From what we can tell, there appear to be around 11 different Golden Chests you can find. Some, are relatively easy and straightforward, offering players quick boosts to rare items. However, some are a bit trickier and require some platforming and adventuring to acquire. We will give you the coordinates to the 11 golden boxes we are aware of, allowing you to fast track them if that is what you’re in the market for. Be aware that these coordinates are not exact coordinates, but rather positions that we managed to see the box from.

Note, some of these boxes are much easier to get once when you have better tech and partway through the terraforming process. We recommend getting the first five fairly early one when you have a tier 2 oxygen tank, backpack and an exoskeleton to make ferrying the items much easier. After those five are acquired, we recommend playing the game a bit more, before you need to start venturing for other resources as you will use a lot of oxygen getting to some of these places.

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  1. 263:29:478 – On a curved ridge near the lake starting zone.
  2. 276:169:1018 – On the downed ship next to the starting drop shit that you can climb thanks to a sand dune nearby.
  3. 400:4:-276 – Head to the cracked spires biome, which you can see from the crashed ship near the sand fall cave. Move into the area, and you’ll find the chest in between one of the walls of the cracked spire.
  4. 473:64:1567 – Inside a mini cave with the golden chest at a dead end.
  5. 831:41:1195 – Inside the Iridium sand fall cave. You need to climb up to the next level towards the back of the cave and peer into a crack behind a few boulders.
  6. 922:95:-777 – Look for a circle rock formation on the ground with a hole at the centre. You can jump down and find a golden chest situated in the pit.
  7. 937:24:324 –  Next to a rock, where the lake forms. This becomes easier to spot once the lake terraforming begins. If not, look for the two brown ricks sticking out of the sand and you should be able to get it.
  8. 1078:23:-16 – This Planet Crafter golden chest is located next to one of the big aluminium boulders on the southern edge of the biome.
  9. 1508:9:665 – Located near the destroyed satellite station, in a dead-end nook around the labyritnh part of the map. You should be able to see its golden box stick ut from the ground near one of the metal support beams of the station.
  10. 1749:0:1995 – Easily spottable when there are no freak storms. It is found between several large boulders that ascend into the sky with a little nook on the rock behind a boulder.
  11. 2157:3:241 – Look for a rock that arches over the sand near the crashed fighter plane on the barren floor. It is under the rock in question.

Planet Crafter Golden Chest loot

The Planet Crafter Golden Chest Loot

So, what kind of loot can you expect from these golden chests in Planet Crafter? Well, the answer to that varies. Some boxes can offer you nice food resources, allowing you to make a variety of products to keep you alive. Meanwhile, there are rare resources you can get, such as superalloy, which you need for some high tech modifications. This is especially good if you are not in the position to mine T2 resources such as superalloy. You can also get other items  like Rocket Boots, which helps the player craft movement speed increase shoes 

Moreso, you can get a variety of different seeds from these chests. This is great, especially since you can make a decent farm you continue to thrive while you make this planet habitable. You can also get a golden seed, which increases oxygen generation by 500%, making it easier to terraform. As you can see, going to find all of the Planet Crafer Golden Chests are extremely important to the game. 

This concludes this Planet Crafter Golden Chest guide. For more content, why not check out our Planet Crafter hub?

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