STL269: How we absorb woodworking information

Question 1:

From Jon:
I signed up for the unlimited membership. There is a lot of great info in there but I feel like I am not getting the most out of it. I was wondering if you could do a segment, YouTube video or a bonus episode on how get the most out of all the Unlimited membership has to offer. I have tried looking at some old magazine issues on the Fine Woodworking app on my phone and it says I have to pay to look at the old issues and special issues, like the shop issue that came out a few months ago. Am I doing something wrong? There is also such a vast amount of information it can be hard to find what I am looking for. That might be more a product of ADD than the website. I feel like my dog at the park when he sees a squirrel sometimes. “Band saw set up article…”
Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

Vic recommends:

Encyclopedia of Furniture Making by Ernest Joyce

Ben is constantly using the Fine Woodworking Magazine Index



Vic – Give yourself permission
Mike – Give yourself permission to try something. Stop looking at things.
Ben – Creating an impossible router bit in his mind and spending multiple hours trying to find it

Question 2:

From Chris:
I try to be very conscientious with most of my woodworking related purchases, but a lot of the time I find myself walking out of a Woodcraft or lumber yard with something that was not on my list. Be it a sale too good to refuse, the beckoning call of a shiny new tool, or a gorgeously figured piece of birdseye maple, I have a habit of impulse buying. Not saying it is an overly bad habit, as my wife is supportive, but just an interesting observation. What is your most memorable woodworking impulse purchase (tool, lumber, class, etc)?

This question was spurred by seeing Mr. Strano checking out at my local Woodcraft. After everything rang up, he turned around to a clearance section by the register and picked up a few more of the same item he was purchasing. I was totally NOT creeping, just behind him in line 🙂

Appreciate the witty banter and thoughtful advice on all the podcast episodes and look forward to Vic being more present!

Ben recommends buying many Stew Mac Tape Decks!

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