Steam Sales: When Are They, And How Often Do They Happen?

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Steam Sales are often the bane of our wallets, with our wishlists all going on sale and our steam libraries booming.

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There have been a lot of sales throughout the years though, so when are all the Steam sales? What are they for? We take a look.

When Are The Steam Sales?

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The Steam Sales are a celebrated time of the year by PC gamers, and now by Steam Deck owners. They allow players to purchase a ton of new games that they’ve been meaning to play without breaking the bank and can result in finding some truly hidden gems. These are the current upcoming Steam Sales that we know of:

  • Steam VR Fest 2022 (18 July 2022- 25 July 2022)
  • Steam Survival Fest 2022 (1 August 2022- 8 August 2022)
  • Next Fest: October 2022 (3 October 2022- 10 October 2022)

Then you have the standard major events, of which there are a few left this year:

  • Steam Halloween Sale
  • Steam Black Friday/Autumn Sale
  • Steam Winter Sale

There’s a chance of other sales this year, but they’re currently relative unknowns.

Are There Other Sales?

Steam Sales
Steam Sales Galore.

Throughout the year, Steam will often have sporadic sales too, with a much smaller selection of games. Sometimes there will be a sale based on one franchise, while other times it’ll be a sale based upon a genre of games.

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These aren’t part of the standard sales that people talk about when they’re discussing Steam Sales. The ones listed further above in this article are the main Steam sales, and the rest of them are just additional pieces on top of the proverbial cake. You’ll find great deals here, but nothing approaching the major sales.

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