Lens manufacturer Sirui has added a new model to its line of 1.6x anamorphics for full frame sensors with a 75mm T2.9 lens. Teased on its social media channels for a few weeks and launched via an Indiegogo campaign, the new lens joins the company’s existing 50mm T2.9 1.6x anamorphic to begin making a set.

The slightly unusual 1.6x squeeze gives the lens the horizontal angle of view of a 47mm spherical lens on a full frame sensor, and the vertical angle of view of a 75mm. When used with the 16:9 recording aspect ratio the resultant dequeezed image will be 2.85:1 which can then be cropped to a more manageable and traditional widescreen ratio such as 2.4:1, 2.5:1 or 2.66:1. Sirui says a 2.4:1 ratio is also possible after desqueezing, but to achieve this footage needs to be recorded in the 3:2 format—though that will be easy for stills photographers. When used on a 4:3 sensor area the desqueezed footage will take on the 2.13:1 aspect ratio. The horizontal ‘angle-of-view’ you are left with in your final film will depend on the crop you use to fit your intended aspect ratio, and those shooting in 16:9 for a final 2.4:1 film will find the effect of the horizontal ‘focal length’ somewhat longer than the stated 47mm.

Sirui says the new lenses has more noticeable anamorphic characteristics, by which it means more prominent blue streaks and oval out-of-focus highlights. The lens uses 15 elements in 13 groups, has its anamorphic group at the front of the construction and passes the light through a 10-bladed iris. It will be available in mounts for RF/L/E and Z cameras and will weigh between 3.01-3.09lbs (1365-1401g) depending on the mount. The forward filter thread is 82mm, the close-focus distance 2.8ft/0.85m, the focus throw 95.5° and the length of the lens is between 6.02-6.2in (153.5-157.5mm).

The lens will cost $1499 when it goes on general release but the Indiegogo campaign is offering a starting price of $1199. Shipping is expected to begin in April 2022. This is Sirui’s 9th Indiegogo campaign and all have been successful. The lenses are clearly already made, and the goal of $5000 was reached very quickly.

You can read more about anamorphic lenses for full frame and APS-C cameras on the Sirui website.