Save £500 on the new 2022 LG C2 42 inch OLED TV

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LG’s new C2 range was announced at CES, during the company’s keynote speech, and has already impressed thanks to a new panel, greater peak brightness, and an improved internal processor. The LG C2 range boasts some of the best gaming TVs of 2022, with an array of high-end features and specifications.

The LG C2 could be the perfect option for budding gamers thanks to a UHD 4K OLED display that features fantastic color accuracy and picture clarity. Alongside this, the C2 also offers a 120Hz refresh rate, rapid pixel response time, and variable refresh rate technology for both NVIDIA and AMD systems.  All this can be yours for £500 less! That’s right, LG is slashing the 42-inch variant from £1,399.99 to just £899.99.

LG C2 42 inch OLED TV 2022 deal

The LG C2 42” OLED TV features our latest OLED Evo technology with the powerful α9 processor to give you an astounding picture – with incredible contrast, color, and brightness – for the ultimate gaming, movie and sport experience.


LG C2 42-inch OLED TV: Was £1,399.99 now £899.99

At the heart of this TV lies an array of game-tailored specifications such as; a 120Hz refresh rate, low (almost instantaneous) response time, and VRR for both G-Sync and FreeSync systems. Of course, like most modern TVs, the LG C2 also supports next-gen console gaming via its HDMI 2.1 interface – offering up full 48Gbps for 4K gameplay at 120Hz.

LG C2 42 inch OLED TV specifications

  • LG 4K SELF-LIT OLED evo for the most advanced OLED picture quality
  • Designed for an outstanding gaming, movie and sport viewing experience
  • HDMI 2.1 Spec, 0.1ms response time & low input lag for superfast gameplay
  • Dolby Vision IQ for true-to-life picture & Dolby Atmos for immersive sound
  • Smart platform with Netflix, NOW, Disney+ and more
  • Operating system: webOS Smart TV
  • Processor: α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz

What we had to say about the LG C2 OLED TV

LG C2 45

“As far as the price of this TV goes, you’d have to say that, once again, it displays excellent value for money. And yes, that is taking into consideration the fact that it retails for around $200 more than last year’s model at launch. The new Evo OLED panel has been deployed in the LG C2 range and it’s clear to see the benefits that it brings to the table. The visual experience across numerous types of content was both stunning and immersive. The high refresh rate made gameplay and everyday viewing feel incredibly smooth, paring nicely with the VRR and ALLM features to create a artifact free visual experience.”

A massive saving on high-end products such as the LG C2 comes around only once every so often. £500 off a brand new OLED TV is not to be sniffed at, giving you one of the best TVs for general viewing and gaming for much, much less.

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