Samuelson Furniture Partners with Independent Living Community in New Jersey

Samuelson Furniture announced that it has donated Allure, a Sound by Samuelson chair to the Miriam Apartments at Daughters of Miriam Center, a local not-for-profit independent living facility providing care to senior residents in Northern New Jersey. The Paterson-based manufacturer contributed the upscale, bluetooth-enabled lounge chair to the long-standing organization to promote wellness and empower community members. The fully-upholstered Allure chair is installed in a communal space in the Esther and Sam Schwartz Building, located on the campus of The Daughters of Miriam Center/The Gallen Institute on Hazel Street in Clifton, New Jersey.

”Our team loves exploring new ways to give back to our local community,” says Michael Chalfin, Executive Vice President of Samuelson Furniture. “We’re honored to offer our support to the residents of The Miriam Apartments––our hope is that Allure benefits their day-to-day lives by giving each person the opportunity to have a unique, immersive sound experience within their common space whether it be relaxing with music, watching movies, or listening to audiobooks.”

Samuelson Furniture’s thoughtful seating design is the result of years of extensive ergonomic research, with each piece thoroughly tested and engineered to meet the needs of seniors. Allure provides optimal back support with a height and depth that has been engineered for ease of entry and exit.

The patent-pending Bluetooth system is built into the brand’s seating through high-grade technology, transforming the chair itself into the speaker for a private sound experience. The integrated technology eliminates the need for invasive earbuds or a volume level that is uncomfortable for those nearby. Additionally, the engaging, personalized audio experience makes it an effective means for sound therapy and memory care applications, such as playing calming music or other soothing sounds for community members.

“Music is indeed a universal language so all our seniors can benefit from this gift,” says Daughters of Miriam’s Executive Vice President Fred Feinstein, quoting American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Samuelson Furniture made its debut into the assisted living industry in April 2021; the brand is dedicated to making positive impacts through the built environment with beautiful, highly functional products that improve the everyday lives of residents.

About Samuelson Furniture

Samuelson Furniture is the only fourth generation family-owned company dedicated to the hospitality and senior living sectors, providing high-end casegoods and seating for 4 and 5 Star projects. Based in New Jersey and led by its President Lawrence Chalfin and Executive Vice President Michael Chalfin, the Samuelson Furniture team distributes to the international market and global design community servicing the world’s finest hotels, timeshares, restaurants, country clubs and corporate environments. Through talented wood working, exceptional finishes and the finest quality of upholstery, Samuelson Furniture executes the vision provided by the designer at proper cost and value to the client. Samuelson’s foundation has always been quality, service, integrity, and innovation. For more information, visit

About The Miriam Apartments at Daughters of Miriam Center

The Miriam Apartments at Daughters of Miriam Center/The Gallen Institute provides progressive and advanced solutions to housing for the elderly and consists of 150, one-bedroom apartments with 28 units specially adapted to make them accessible to persons with mobility impairments. In 1979, the Esther and Sam Schwartz Building was part of a pilot program through the office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to offer congregate services to allow seniors to maintain their own homes for as long as possible. It was one of only three facilities in the state of New Jersey to be chosen to participate. Congregate services combine shelter and services for the elderly, particularly for those who are no longer fully capable of maintaining a completely independent lifestyle. It provides a residential environment which incorporates shelter and services in order to promote normalization of lifestyle for the impaired or socially deprived but not ill elderly, through provision of the opportunity for congregate meals, housekeeping services, and assistance in one or more of the activities of daily living. The Esther & Sam Schwartz Building participates in Section 8 of HUD, thereby entitling qualified individuals aged 62 and over and/or persons with mobility impairments for federal subsidies through the HUD Section 8 program.

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