Samsung launches its first OLED TV, the S95B

Samsung is one of the top choices for a new telly, but the company has notably stayed away from OLED panels. Rather, Samsung has opted to use its own QLED technology. But no longer! Samsung has just announced its first OLED TV.

This new OLED TV takes the name of S95B (catchy, right?) and joins Samsung’s existing telly line-up. The company promises the panel will perform “well beyond what has been available from OLED TVs to date”. It’s a bold claim, especially since LG has been king of the OLED for a while now.

We (rather obviously) know that a pixel-perfect OLED panel powers this new set. This means pixels will turn on when they’re being used, and then back off again. It’s what lets newer tellys display those true blacks. As for the brains of the S95B, Samsung has packed in its Neural Quantum Processor 4K, the same one from the QLED range.

Like all of Samsung’s TVs, it runs the Tizen platform for the smart TV experience. You can download apps, stream content, and get online. On the new telly, you’ll also mind Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound and Dolby Atmos, for surround sound. Of course, you’ll usually want to pair your shiny new TV with a surround system. The whole telly is then presented to you in what Samsung’s calling a LaserSlim design (which just means it’s really thin).

Since the S95B includes Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor, the new telly comes with extra features such as an OLED brightness booster, and perceptional colour mapping. The company promises this will to deliver brighter, more accurate highlights, and more realistic, lifelike colours.

You’ll be able to nab the new S95B in two screen sizes: 55-inch and 65-inch. How much will it set you back? The 55-inch version will cost $2,199.99, and the 65-incher will cost $2,999.99. We haven’t got any UK prices yet, but keep an eye out for Samsung to reveal them. The new OLED telly will be available in April, but unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t want to be more specific than that.

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