Rigpacks Stillframe Camera Harness – First Look

During Cine Gear 2022, we met Michael Ruggirello, the founder, and CEO of Rigpacks, to talk about their first product: the Stillframe. The Stillframe is a camera harness designed for camera operators to help distribute the weight of a camera package through the entire body. The Stillframe has one or two elbow supports, a metal hook to hang your camera, and a padded shoulder pad. So let’s take a closer look at this innovative and ergonomic product!

At CineD, we love tradeshows because it is a unique occasion to discover small companies and inventors like the Multi Turret we found during NAB 2019.

Over the years, we saw multiple products hit the market to help distribute the weight of a camera rig to operators’ bodies, like the famous Easyrig or the SteadyGum, to list a few. During Cine Gear 2022, we learned more about the Rigpacks Stillframe, a new camera harness to relieve stress from your shoulders and elbows.

Rigpacks Stillframe features

The Rigpacks Stillframe is a highly adjustable camera harness that quickly and securely attaches to your body via two buckles.

Image credit: CineD

Two versions of the Rigpacks Stillframe are available: the single and dual elbow support.

However, both models have similar camera support functionalities, including:

  • One or two elbows supports help distribute your camera package’s weight to your entire body.
  • An extendable metal hook to hang your camera a hips levels. Your camera is quickly inserted into the clip via its top handle.
  • A shoulder pad made from automotive leather padding. This saves you time on set if you don’t want to attach a shoulder pad to your camera or quickly need to go from sticks to handheld without hurting your shoulder.
Image credit: CineD

At the back of the Rigpacks Stillframe, you’ll find a small rear pouch. In addition, you can put an optional reusable cold/hot thermal pack to keep your body going for long hours of shoots!

Image credit: CineD

Pricing and availability

The Rigpacks Stillframe Single is $999, while the Double version is $1.199. The optional reusable thermal pack is $20.00 a piece or $50.00 for a collection of three. All products are available now.

For more information, please visit Rigpacks’ website here.

What do you think about the Stillframe? Would it be helpful in your daily camera operator’s life? Do you often use camera support accessories? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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