Rain, rain globe away: Innr launches smart outdoor bulbs

We’ve seen plenty of smart lighting solutions ranging from strip lights to Hue bulbs of Philips, but it is until now that weatherproof smart bulbs are readily available to lighten your garden. Finally, Dutch brand Innr introduces its Smart Globe Lights series which is designed for outdoor use and can withstand pouring rain.


  • Innr Globe Lights are smart bulbs for outdoor.
  • Smart Globe Lights are compatible with different smart home solutions like Philips Hue and SmartThings.
  • The set of 3 Globe Lights is available for £169.99 or ~$223.33.

Innr’s Outdoor Globe Lights are smart colored rounded bulbs supporting up to 16 million colors. The bulbs use Zigbee mesh protocols making it compatible with major smart lighting hubs and apps including Hue Bridge of Philips and Samsung’s SmartThings, and of course, Innr’s own lighting bridge. Activating the bulbs via smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is also possible.

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You can automate Hue bulbs using different smart home apps like Google Home / © NextPit

The smart Globe Lights are measured 19 cm in diameter and are IP65 moist and weatherproof. Each bulb is power-efficient with individual intensity adjustment through smart home apps in your smartphone and can produce up to 370 lumens. You can connect up to 5 globe bulbs and setup it on ceilings or on ground as it comes with its own suspension loop and installation spikes. The bulbs are also rated to last up to 30,000 hours.

Innr is not a new brand in smart lighting. The company was established by ex-managers of Philips in 2012 and that’s why we see wide compatibility to its with different smart home solutions like Philips Hue. Above all, Innr products are also cheaper compared to major brands.

The Innr Globe Lights is already available in the UK. The set of 3 pack is priced at £169.99 or ~$223.33 which includes the installation loop and spikes while individual globe retails for GBP 44.99 or ~$59.00 in USD. No words yet if when will the Innr Globe Lights become available in Europe and US.

Are you using smart lighting at home? Share with us which smart home brands do you prefer.

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