PS5 restock: Gamestop to restock Playstation 5 consoles this Saturday

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It’s been a couple of weeks since the last PS5 restock from Gamestop, which occurred on March 11. but not, they are powering up for a fresh batch of consoles to hit, so long as you are a member of their ‘PowerUp Rewards Pro’ scheme, which costs $14.99 per year. But, before you rush out of bed to go and get one, you’re going to want all the details that you can get about it. Gamestop themselves invited users out to pick up their brand-new console. Gamestop will have both disc and digital editions of the console in stock for purchase, so be sure to keep your eyes out on your local store if you are looking to pick one up

What bundles will be available with the Gamestop PS5 restock?

This time there will be four bundles available, starting at just $630. We’ve gone through all of the bundles so you know what to expect for what you can get for your money. For our value, we’re going to say that the one that you should probably purchase is going to be Bundle 1, as listed below. This is because you’re going to be fully kitted out with almost everything that you need to power your brand-new Playstation 5 and get hours of enjoyment out of it. Additionally, getting a disc-based console means that you can trade in games after you are done with them. A luxury that’s not afforded to the digital edition consoles. Right now the bundles will be coming with Playstation exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, we think that Elden Ring would be a pretty good pickup if you have the spare cash.

Check out all of the bundles that Gamestop will be stocking below:

PS5 Disc Edition Gamestop Bundle 1 PS5 Disc Edition Gamestop Bundle 2 PS5 Digital Edition Gamestop Bundle 1 PS5 Digital Edition Gamestop Bundle 2
Console Playstation 5 Disc Edition Console Playstation 5 Disc Edition Console Playstation 5 Digital Edition Console Playstation 5 Digital Edition Console
Bundle Item 1 Dual Controller Charging Station AX1250 Wireless Headset (Black) Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller (Red) Samsung 980 Pro SSD with Heatsink (1TB)
Bundle Item 2 Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller (Red) $25 Playstation Network credit $75 Playstation Network credit 12-Month Playstation Plus membership
Bundle Item 3 Horizon Forbidden West (Limited Edition) Horizon Forbidden West (Limited Edition) Dualsense Charging Station
Bundle Item 4 Gran Turismo 7 Gran Turismo 7 12-Month Playstation Plus membership
Price $740 $735 $640 $630

What time is the Gamestop PS5 restock?

Gamestop will be restocking the PS5 from whenever your store usually opens, which means that it could be any time from 8-11AM. We recommend looking up your individual store’s opening times to get the best chance of getting your hands on one of the consoles.

Where is Gamestop restocking the PS5?

Gamestop locations nationwide should be restocking the PS5 in a huge event, according to Matt Swider, known restock hound, who stated that the PS5 restock will be featured at ‘Nearly ALL stores’, so you should be in with a good chance, with Swider also adding that Gamestops should have around 10 units to sell per-store. So, you might want to be there right as your store opens to be in with the best chance of getting yourself a Playstation 5.

Gamestop PS5 restock store locator

If you are looking for where to get the latest Playstation 5 restock, you need not look any further than Gamestop’s official website. If you scroll down, you will be able to see all of the locations that Gamestop has, and if you call ahead, you may understand what kind of stock that your local store will be expecting out of the latest Gamestop PS5 restock. Don’t miss out and be sure to check out the store locator right here.

Looking for more information on PS5 restocks? Be sure to check out our stock tracker.

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