Prime Gaming offers players a Lost Ark Raptor Mount Pack for free

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Lost Ark players have been bombarded with free content since the game’s Western launch in February. From the Pet Egg selection chest with Prime Gaming, to the Animal Skin selection chest included with the Gratitude pack given to all players. There’s no sign of this slowing either, with another free content pack, the Lost Ark Silver Combat Raptor pack, scheduled to release on Prime Gaming soon! 

On April 5th, Lost Ark players and Prime Gaming members will be able to claim a Lost Ark Raptor Pack containing a Silver Raptor Mount for use in-game. In addition, this pack contains 5 days of Crystalline Aura, the game’s premium membership option, a number of Amethyst Shards, used to unlock amazing rewards from an in-game vendor. As always, each month of free Prime gaming loot always comes with some crystalline aura bonuses And, as the name would suggest, a Silver Combat Raptor Mount. We expect the mount will be similar to the raptor you can claim for 40% Adventurers Tome completion in North Vern.

The one thing we do know about the mount is that is uses the same mount skill like all other raptors. That’s right, this silver Lost Ark Raptor mount will run at your request rather than jumping like the horse and other mounts.

Outside of other free content, we are not aware of any more free content coming this month. So, we recommend grabbing the Lost Ark Raptor Mount Pack and taking advantage of the goodies through the Prime gaming section. Note, you need to be an Amazon Prime member with a connected Amazon, Twitch and Steam account to receive the rewards. Make sure they are all linked under your Twitch account to be valid to receive these rewards.

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