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The ~$4500 price is a good enough choice for those wanting this over the R5. 8K 60P is a good upgrade spec for those who want it. While I’m not a video shooter, I have shot long 8K raw videos on a tripod for the sole purpose of capturing occasional hummingbirds near a feeder, where I can pull single 8K raw images out for photo use (OK, not full 3:2 but close enough for this special use). Doing this via a single video file makes it tolerable for me to do, as I don’t know how you could do this as a continuous 20 FPS shooting at full raw size and later play the zillion individual files as if they were a video. If anyone knows how to make this easy, please let me know so I could do it instead.

As far as no IBIS, I assume this is only when shooting video, correct? If there is no IBIS in single/continuous photo mode then this would be worthless to me as a stills shooter.

Since my needs are for a new & better 2nd mostly-photo body (in a smaller non-gripped size) to complement my R5, I’ll pass on the R5C and wait to see what other bodies come out in the next year. But I’m really happy that Canon has come out with this. If I instead wanted my first RF body, this would be worth getting now over the R5.

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