Poll of the week: How many gigabytes will you need in 2022?

In 2022, two rather contradictory developments are emerging for new smartphones: On the one hand, there are longer and longer software updates that are supposed to ensure more longevity. On the other hand, phone manufacturers are limiting the internal memory configurations and doing away with MicroSD slots. But how much memory do you really need, and how full is your phone memory? Time for our survey of the week!

If you deal with new smartphones on a weekly basis, you will eventually get tired of the superlatives about megapixels, benchmarks and so on. Therefore, the wheat is now separated from the chaff for me by high-quality vibration motors and sensible features that ensure use over the next few years. And as already mentioned in the introduction, this is exactly where a contradiction currently emerges.

Two examples: You should be able to use the Samsung Galaxy S22 until 2027 thanks to a long update warranty. Therefore, features like computational RAW or recording 8K videos are future-proof. However, Samsung only offers the S22 and S22+ with a maximum of 256 gigabytes of storage. As a second example, I have to criticize Apple for offering the iPhone SE 2022 with 64 gigabytes of storage for more money. But am I being too critical here and is cell phone storage less important than I thought?

How full is your phone memory?

In order to find out, I’ve first come up with a participation task! Please go to the settings of your cell phone and check how much memory you are currently using on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter how large the total memory of the smartphone is.

In order to classify these results a bit, I ask you to also answer the following question afterwards. Because the first results are only really exciting if you know how long you have been filling your cell phone memory with pictures, photos, videos and more.

How big is your cell phone memory?

As the next task in my little memory census for the year 2022, I would like to know the storage space of your cell phone ex works. That is, without memory cards inserted, if your phone still supports this function at all.

As you can guess, this feature is the crux of the next question. Do you currently use a microSD card to expand your phone’s memory? It doesn’t matter if you use it as adaptive storage or just to swap files.

Your opinion on memory development in smartphones

Last but not least, I’d like to know your two cents worth on this topic. Do you observe the same problem with new phone launches or are you more relaxed about it? Also, feel free to write me in the comments in more detail about what you think about non-expandable and fixed memory solutions in smartphones.

You are also welcome to comment on the fact that storage will be increasingly outsourced to cloud solutions. Fabien Roehlinger directly commented on my article about the storage issue in the iPhone SE 2022 by saying that buyers could use iCloud for more storage. Do you see this as a valid alternative or are you still cautious about online storage solutions? I look forward to the discussion with you!

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