Pokemon Go Arlo Counters July 2022

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Looking for Pokemon Go Arlo counters?

Pokemon Go’s Team Rocket Leader Arlo can be a tricky opponent to take down as he has a very powerful lineup.

If you don’t have the right counters you can end up in a world of trouble.

Understanding the fight to make the right moves can save you a lot of time.

If you beat Arlo, you get to capture one of the Shadow Pokemon, which is a massive incentive to beat him.

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Arlo’s Pokemon go Counters

We have compiled the current lineup along with the best Pokemon Go Arlo counters.

  • Phase 1: Charmander
  • Phase 2: Salamence/Charizard/Mawile
  • Phase 3: Scizor/Steelix/Gardevoir

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters – Charmander

Arlo always summons Charmander in Phase 1. You should be able to take it down with Ground, Water, or Rock-type attacks. Regirock, Golem, and Tyranitar are amazing options and you should leverage fast moves like Rock Throw or Smack Down. For your Charge Move, Rock Wrecker, Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Rock Slide are all super effective against Charmander.


Salamence is a Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon. You should use an Ice-type Pokemon to fight this stage. Go for an Ice-type Pokemon like Mamoswine. Avalanche deals serious damage to the Pokemon and gives you a massive advantage.

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters – Mawile 

Mawile is a Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon that is weak to Ground and Fire-type attacks. You can use the same Pokemon Go Arlo counters strategy as what you used against Charmander and you’ll do just fine. Earth Power is an exceptional move against this Pokemon.


Once again, you can use Rock-type moves by leveraging characters like Rampardos and Golem.

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters – Scizor

Similar to Mawile, use Fire-type moves to take down the Pokemon. Entei, Heatran, Charizard, Blaziken, or any other premium Fire-type Pokemon should do the job just fine. Overheat and Blast Burn are the best Charge Moves to use against Scizor.


You can continue to use Fire-type attacks. The counters are exactly the same Fire-type moves that are great against Scizor. These are also effective here.

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters – Gardevoir 

Gardevoir can be a tricky Pokemon to take down as its weaknesses, and therefore its counter, are very different from every other Pokemon Arlo uses. Using Ghost, Poison, or Steel attacks is recommended with Gengar and Metagross being two of the best Pokemon to counter Gardevoir.

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