Playstation Now games for February 2022 revealed

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Playstation Now is in a peculiar place at the moment. With Project Spartacus having been announced by Sony as an intended competitor to Microsoft Game Pass, the existing Playstation subscription service looks to be facing down obsolescence. But while the service may in future be absorbed into a true competitor to Microsoft’s game pass, for now it is running as reliably as ever. Adding to PSNow’s extensive library, four new titles are being offered for February and beyond.

GTA: Vice City Definitive Edition

A limited-time option, Vice City Definitive Edition will only be available on the PLaystation Now until the 2nd of May, 2022. Players should take the chance to try out this bona fide classic while they can. GTA’s pedigree needs little introduction, and Vice City is among the series best. The game is irreverent and over the top  while still retaining a sharp satirical edge. That being said, reports of graphical issues and other bugs may be an impediment to full enjoyment of the title. In which case, PSNow may be the perfect play to try the title, as opposed to outright purchasing it.

Little Big Workshop

While the words ‘Little Big’ might be enough to pique players’ interest, this game has nothing to do with Sackboy’s adventures. Instead, it’s a perfectly charming factory sim by developers HandyGames. With a delightful dollhouse-esque artstyle and plenty of strategic crunch, this is a must for simulation fans.

Through the Darkest of Times

On to more serious stuff. Through the Darkest of Times is a historical strategy game with a somber mood befitting its content and setting. Playing as a resistance group in 1930s Berlin, the game does not shy away from the harsh realities of Hitler’s rise to power. With more emotional depth than many strategy games, this is a unique, though discomfiting, experience.

Death Squared

And right back to the absurd. Death Squared is an intricate puzzler with both Solo and Co-op available. Players control duelling robots attempting to reach respective goal points. Death Squared offers frenetic fun, brain-bending puzzles and plenty of exploding robots.

Playstation Now Availability

Aside from GTA: Vice City Definitive Edition, all these titles will be available on Playstation Now indefinitely.

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