PERGEAR 2TB CFexpress Type-B Card Released

PERGEAR 2TB CFexpress Type-B Card Released

The PERGEAR 2TB CFexpress Type-B card is a new affordable, high-capacity media solution that promises maximum read and write speeds of up to 1600MB/s and 1500MB/s respectively. The card comes with a 5-year warranty and is now available for $599.

Every camera generation comes with its own type of media. There’s no doubt that the current early ‘20s are the decade of blazingly-fast CFexpress cards. In particular, the CFexpress Type-B standard is quickly becoming the most adopted one. For example, we can find slots for this kind of media in RED’s flagship model, the V-RAPTOR, as well as in the Nikon Z9, and Canon’s new R5 C.

Over the last few months, we covered countless releases of these cards, including the top performers Angelbird AV PRO MK2, also rebranded as RED PRO CFexpress, and the RED Approved Exascend Archon 1TB. Sure, these 8K-ready storage solutions come at a price, but it looks like a new high-capacity affordable option has reached the shelves. Please welcome the PERGEAR 2TB CFexpress Type-B card. Let’s take a look.

PERGEAR CFexpress Type-B 2TB. Source: PERGEAR

PERGEAR 2TB CFexpress Type-B Card: overview

The PERGEAR 2TB CFexpress Type-B card is the latest addition to a family that already includes 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1TB-sized media. This new entry model is the one that features the highest read and write speeds.

PERGEAR CFexpress Type-B lineup. Source: PERGEAR

Indeed, according to PERGEAR, the card has maximum read and write speed of 1600MB/s and 1500MB/s respectively. However, the guaranteed minimum sustained write speed is 800MB/s. That is enough to record 8K RAW at 30fps on the Canon R5, for example.

For reference, the 2TB version of the industry-leading Angelbird AV PRO MK2 has a maximum write speed of 1550MB/s, but it can sustain a higher write speed throughout the whole capacity of the card (1300MB/s).

The list of supported camera models on the company’s website currently includes the Nikon Z6, Z6 II, Z7, Z7 II, Z9, and D500, the Panasonic S1 and S1R, and the Canon EOS C500 Mark II, C300 Mark II, 1D X Mark III, and R5. Many other camera models are currently under testing and I’m pretty sure the list will get longer over time.

PERGEAR CFexpress Type-B supported Canon cameras. Source: PERGEAR

Build quality

This new CFexpress Type-B comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. The company is probably this confident due to the tough construction of this media. Thus, they claim that your data will be protected against shock, x-rays, extreme temperatures, and magnets.

PERGEAR CFexpress Type-B 2TB reader bundle. Source: PERGEAR

Price and availability

This new CFexpress Type-B card is now available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website for $599. That’s approximately 30% less than the Angelbird 2TB AV Pro MK2.

Finally, keep in mind that the use of a Dual USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 cable, PCI-E interface, or Thunderbolt 3 reader is required to achieve maximum transfer speeds. The brand also offers a card + reader bundle that costs $619.

What is your go-to brand when purchasing media for your camera? Are you using a CFexpress Type-B system already? Let us know your thoughts about this new PERGEAR 2TB CFexpress Type-B card in the comments section down below!

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