Patent Suggests Sony Looking At Peripheral Compatibility

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A new patent has popped up that suggests Sony might be looking at peripheral compatibility. The patent names several different peripherals released primarily throughout the PS3 era of Sony, and a few more modern ones.

Sony Peripheral Patent

Sony PlayStation 3 2001A wController L

The patent in question shows a Dualshock, a Sony Media Remote, a PlayStation Mouse, a PlayStation EyeToy, A PlayStation Move wand and a memory card. All of these peripherals are long since abandoned by Sony themselves, but this patent suggests that akin to earlier in the year when it was noticed that various PS3 emulation patents had been filed, that Sony is looking at doing some similar to that for their peripherals.

New Games On PS Plus?


Last month Sony finished launching their new PS Plus worldwide, a system that features a ton of PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games. While the PS1 and PS2 games can be downloaded straight to your PS5 system and played normally, PS3 technology is so unique that there’s no way for Sony to emulate that system on your PS5, meaning that you’re basically streaming the games off a PS3 somewhere in Sony headquarters. The fact that they’re patenting the technology to make PS3 peripherals compatible with modern consoles suggests that maybe they’re looking to add new games to the service, or that they’re looking to actually properly emulate the PS3 games.

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