Outriders Worldslayer end game shows off Tarya Gratar, new sets and legendaries

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People Can Fly is back with a major deep dive into the Outriders Worldslayer end-game showcase. The new expansion launches in a few weeks’ time at the time of writing. With the launch close, People Can Fly are ready to make sure the end game of Worldslayer pops off, they showcased the whole anew and improved end game, showcasing plenty of content that will assure players. Here is what you can expect from the Outriders Worldslayers’ end game.

Outriders Worldslayer end game explained

So far, there is plenty of content coming from the Outriders Worldslayer endgame. There are new legendaries, helping to build upon some of the skills for each class, alongside other benefits. There are also new legendary armour pieces, with tier sets that help to embolden even new skill combos for each of the classes. Overall, there’s certainly plenty of more theory-crafting and new builds and playstyles to pop up.

Outriders Worldslayer end game legendaries
An example of A new legendary item coming to Worldsalyers endgame.

As for the actual end game content, there is a new feature called the Taarya Gratar. It is a whole new end game area, which has new levels, areas and more. As your progress through the content, it will get more and more difficult. Moreso, there are optional baths, core boss levels and more. In addition, all of this content is designed with coop in mind, but, those who brave it solo can have their own challenges to complete.

While progressing, there are levels called Troves, which are optional loot areas. Each trove level has loot options that you can target key legendary armor pieces to complement your build. It makes targeting key items easier, which is a major improvement over the first one with random legendaries being a major pain.

There is some end-game talent system that you can invest into specialize your builds on top of the talents already in the game, Seems to be linked with Ascension levels, which is also backed into the level progressions of Tarya Gratar. It means that there are other ways to specialize your class, rather than the three different talent trees through gunplay, skills and tanking. 

Lastly, there is also a new world difficulty setting called Apocalypse mode. It grants another higher difficulty tier to the world, which grants the best gear in the game, making the old world zones and missions more lucrative to go back to. You can then go into the end game, try out the Apocalypse gear, and see how you fare on the Tarya Gratar run in Worldslayers’ end game. 

This about concludes the Outriders Worldslayers endgame. For more information, take a look at the game’s website and see more on teh content for yourself. Alternatively, you can check out the official stream of the content over on the Outriders Youtube.

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