Oriental Weavers CEO Ahmed Salama Passes Away at 62

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Pictured counterclockwise from to let: Michael Amini, Michael K. Dugan, John Gabbert, Neil Goldberg and Stephen K. Pond.

Pictured counterclockwise from to let: Michael Amini, Michael K. Dugan, John Gabbert, Neil Goldberg and Stephen K. Pond.

After a prolonged battle with cancer, Ahmed Salama passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on June 4, 2022. He was 62 years old.


Salama was born in Cairo, Egypt, where he also attended Helwan University. Shortly after his graduation, he began his career at Oriental Weavers in a sales role for the local Egyptian market. At this time, Oriental Weavers was still in its infancy as a company that had only opened four years prior. However, the company’s founder, Mohamed Farid Khamis, immediately recognized Salama’s potential as a central part of Oriental Weavers’ future growth and success.


He quickly moved through the company’s ranks and was named Export Manager for the company’s largest export market, the United States. Then, in 1989, Khamis asked him to move to the “Carpet Capitol of the World” and establish the company’s distribution and manufacturing presence in the United States. He and his wife moved to Dalton, GA, and has served as CEO of Oriental Weavers USA.


Over his 39-year career with Oriental Weavers, Salama was a success in business, but he was equally known as a teacher and mentor who led by example. All who worked with him speak of their admiration for his strengths as a dedicated, loyal and caring soul. He not only taught us much about the industry and our business but most importantly, his actions and example taught us so much about ourselves and the greater good.


Salama is survived by his wife, Mona; sons, Hussein, Bassem and Hazem; two brothers; and his extended family.


A funeral service was held at the Dalton Islamic Center in Dalton, GA on June 4, 2022.



About Oriental Weavers

Known around the globe for its fashion-forward designs and cutting-edge technology, Oriental Weavers is a leading flooring manufacturer specializing in area rugs. The vertically integrated company has delivered products synonymous with high-fashion, quality and value for more than 40 years. Oriental Weavers USA’s parent company, Oriental Weavers Group, is a multi-national collection of companies with manufacturing facilities worldwide. For more information on the company’s product assortment available in North America, visit www.owrugs.com.



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