OnePlus Pro 10 launch event: what to expect

OnePlus is holding a global launch event for its OnePlus 10 Pro tomorrow, Thursday 31 March at 3pm BST or 4pm CEST. If you’re in the US or Canada, that’s 10am EST or 7am PST.

The phone is already out in China, so the event will cover the launch of the device in both the US and Europe including the UK. Crucially, we’ll find out how much the phone will cost in all those countries – and whether the emerald forest (green) and volcanic black handsets will be rolling out everywhere or not.

We’ll also find out which networks will be stocking the phone, too. You can watch the event right here from 3pm BST on 31 March.

The details aren’t exactly under wraps for the phone and we confirm that you can read a full review of OnePlus 10 Pro on this very site when the embargo lifts.

The new phone had a reveal of sorts during CES in January. OnePlus 10 Pro features a camera housing (again with Hasselblad branding and made of tough ceramic) that wraps around the side of the phone slightly – it houses triple rear cameras and a flash – and has a reflective design to contrast with the rest of the phone’s matte finish.

The internals of the phone have been announced for a while – it’s based around Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. OnePlus phones usually use Snapdragon hardware, so that was a bit of a no-brainer anyway.

To trail the event, OnePlus sent some phones into the Earth’s stratosphere to capture some pretty impressive imagery. Yeah it’s a stunt but, even so, it’s pretty cool.

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