One SIM to rule them all: eSIM to support dual network on Android 13

Google is expected to announce a new version of Android OS along with the Pixel 6a next month at their I/O Developer Conference. Among the anticipated features of Android 13 is making a single eSIM (embedded) support dual-carrier or network, says Esper.


  • Android 13 to add Multiple Enabled Profiles for eSIM.
  • This enables one eSIM to support multiple carriers.
  • MEP may require a new chip for it to work.

Based on the report of a senior developer from Esper, the upcoming Android 13 will finally add Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP). The new feature will enable a single eSIM inside your Android smartphone to switch between different network profiles without adding a second eSIM or an extra SIM card slot.

The report is not new as Google filed a similar patent in 2020 about splitting of SIM interface into two digital connections. Only this time we learn how will Google implement it on its Android operating system.

NextPit Google Pixel 6 camera
The rumored Pixel 6a is said to have a similar design as the current Pixel models. / © NextPit

Advantages of eSIM versus standard SIM card slot

From a technical standpoint, implementing Multiple Enabled Profiles in a smartphone is a complex solution for chip manufacturers and network providers. It may also require a new chipset that will support MEP on eSIM. However, the benefits of this functionality will be profound as it will eliminate the space occupied by the physical card slot and compatibility of SIM card sizes.

The only downside we see on eSIM as it may require added steps and validation when swapping mobile numbers and switching to a different device compared to the convenience of having a physical SIM card you can insert into any device.

With the smartphone evolving, do you prefer having a physical SIM card slot or an embedded SIM in the near future? Will the fate of SIM card be the same as microSD card?

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