Office 2021 VS Office 2019, which one to get in Keysfan’s Spring Big Sale! Up to 62% off!

Office 2021 was released alongside Windows 11 on October 5th. It is the successor to Office 2019 and brings new features to the office suite. You don’t know which version of Office 2021 or Office 2019 is more suitable for you?

Real-time collaboration: Office 2021 for personal use includes some Google Doc-style collaboration features that allow for real-time collaboration through OneDrive. In Office 2019, real-time co-authoring is done in Word, but not in Excel or PowerPoint. Non-subscribers must use Excel Online and PowerPoint Online for real-time collaboration. With Office 2021, as long as the collaborative documents are stored on Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive, all three desktop clients can finally perform real-time collaborative editing. Everyone working on the document will see the changes made by others.

Office 2021Microsoft Teams: Office 2021 users can also get access to Microsoft Teams, a redesigned look for the apps and features previously exclusive to Microsoft 365 like advanced grammar suggestions and Presenter Coach in PowerPoint. You can chat directly from within Office or join a Teams video call.

Excel: As one of the most frequently used office software, the update of Excel is highly anticipated. The latest update of Excel is very welcome, Microsoft has added several new functions including XMatch, LET, Dynamic Arrays, and XLookup. XLookup for instance, allows you to find any data within a table by using a search bar-like function, and LET will allow you to assign names to calculation results.

You can buy Office 2021 or Office 2019 according to your actual needs, but if the price is not much different, it is more recommended to use the latest Office 2021. Now, Keysfan is launching a Spring Sale, buy MS Office to get Windows OS for Free. In other words, you only need to pay one price to get two products! There are also discount products up to 62% off, which can help you save more money.

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Office 2021How can I get a genuine Windows operating system or Microsoft Office for very little money?

Keysfan is a reseller of Microsoft licenses and major IT security software, allowing you to purchase popular and useful software at discounted prices. The license is 100% original and authentic: Keysfan is an online store that sells keys for computer operating systems, office software, and gaming software to the global market. Keysfan knows the “history” of every license it sells, so it’s able to give product keys to customers who wouldn’t otherwise use it. Since Keysfan emails you the activation information and the order invoice, there are no CD and logistics fees, which makes the price significantly lower and you can get Windows OS and Microsoft Office for a very low price!

Licenses purchased on Keysfan are “lifetime”, i.e. they can be used without restrictions: the operating system will be updated and supported throughout its lifetime. During installation and use, Keysfan provides all-weather technical support and lifetime after-sales service. If you want to know more about Keysfan, you can not only enter the website through the above link but also check the real reviews of more users in Trustpilot.Contact Email:

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