Nvidia RTX 4090 specifications, release date, and price rumors

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If the RTX 3090 Ti wasn’t quite enough for you, we look at the latest on the Nvidia RTX 4090. With a roundup of all the newest leaks and rumors about what the flagship GPU may entail.

The previous Nvidia flagships in the 3090 Ti and 3090 were already seen as something a bit excessive. The average gamer never really utilizes the maximum memory capacity.

Especially when the cards came at a much higher price. However, the Ti was seen as a test run for the upcoming RTX 40 series GPUs.

We can see many features that might be expected in the next lineup. Offering a glimpse at what to expect from the upcoming offering.

So we now bring you the latest on the RTX 4090 rumors, with what may be the best graphics card of the next generation.

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RTX 4090 specification rumors

Once again for the latest leaks and rumors, we have the Twitter sphere. Kopite7kimi is a prime trusted source for the latest details on Nvidia hardware.

Even with that, the hardware may keep changing until it’s officially announced. So all we can really do is keep you up to date with the latest leaks. 

The current latest news on the specifications is that the RTX 4090 is built on the AD102-300 chip. Created with TSMCs 5nm process with 16,384 CUDA cores.