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The Nothing Phone (1) pre order is now live! There was some initial confusion about how to buy a Nothing Phone 1, due to the original invite only system that the company had set up, though this now shouldn’t be an issue. Read below for more info.

What is the Nothing Phone (1)?

The London-based tech company Nothing is about to bring their unique semi-transparent smartphone to market. The Nothing Phone is the start-up brand’s first smartphone and has had significant interest. Up until now the brand were best known for their Nothing Ear (1) earbuds, which had the same transparent case design.

Nothing Phone 1 pre order date

The Nothing Phone (1) pre order went live on 12th July, 2022.

Do I need a Nothing Phone 1 pre order invite?

Originally Nothing had an invite-only pre-order system for the Nothing Phone (1). Those who received an invitation could sign up to a waiting list via a somewhat confusing referral system. Thankfully though, Nothing have now scrapped this system, so you can just pre order the Nothing Phone 1 like you normally would from a range of different retailers (see below).

Where can I pre order Nothing Phone (1)?

Now an invitation is no longer needed, you can pre order the Nothing Phone (1) at the following retailers (note though that if you pre order from the Nothing website, it will ship out a day late, due to stock shortages):

Nothing Phone 1 USA availability

Unfortunately, the Nothing Phone (1) is not available to buy in the USA, or any other North American market. The current launch is limited to Europe and Asia, though we imagine if the device proves successful, future launches will take place in the US, Canada, Mexico, and other countries that missed out this time.

pre order Nothing phone 1 pre order Nothing phone 1 pre order

Nothing Phone pre order price

There are various different spec versions of the Nothing Phone (1), each with their own MSRP depending on the model you go with. The pre order price for each model is the same as the standard MSRP will be on release – there is no discount.

Nothing Phone release date

After months of teasing, we were finally treated to an official Nothing Phone release date. The Nothing Phone (1) launched on 12th July, 2022, but the official Nothing Phone release date (when you can actually buy the phone) is 21st July, 2022.

For those who secure a Nothing Phone pre order, this will also be the shipping date that the phones get sent out (besides those who order direct from Nothing as mentioned, who will now have their’s shipped the next day).

Note that the most expensive 12GB RAM + 256GB storage version will only be available towards the end of summer 2022 (August 1st according to Amazon), but you can still pre order it now.

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