No more restrictions! WhatsApp is testing a massive upgrade

WhatsApp has been trying to catch up with the competition for a while now. After adding more features to disappearing messages and testing reactions, the messaging giant is now trying to improve file sharing by massively increasing the size of the files that you can share.


  • Beta users in specific regions can share up to 2 GB.
  • The current limit is 100 MB.
  • There is no timeline about when the increase will happen globally.

Sharing files with WhatsApp is a less than ideal way of distributing media content. But now, if this latest improvement does end up in the public version of WhatsApp, then file sharing may become just a bit better.

One of the main restrictions that users face while trying to share their files has been size. Capped at 100 MB, users are forced to switch to other platforms if they occasionally want to share larger files while chatting, like Telegram which already supports up to 2 GB of file sharing.

Now, as WABetaInfo reports, a select number of users in Argentina who have the latest beta version ( and up) can share media files of 2 GB. Screenshots better demonstrate the difference:

WABetaInfo WhatsApp file sharing
This is a significant upgrade/ © Wabetainfo

The huge increase should bring WhatsApp to the top of the ladder, especially considering that Signal, another popular WhatsApp alternative, is also stuck at 100 MB file sizes. Discord even requires expensive subscriptions to allow for file sharing over 8 MB.

Unfortunately, we do not know when, or even if, the increase will find its way to regular users. This is a very early test, and it can be expected that WhatsApp may roll back the changes or never try them out in other regions.

For now, all we can do is to be patient. If the tested feature starts rolling out to more users or outside of Argentina, then this will be a good sign that the increase will actually materialize.

But what do you think? Are we going to see this increase any time soon? What is your go-to file sharing method? Let me know in the comments!

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