NANLITE Forza 60C – First Look at Cine Gear 2022

During Cine Gear 2022, we had the chance to talk with Barry Garcia from NANLITE about their latest Forza 60C RGBLAC LED light. This compact and colorful 60W fixture can go from 1.800 to 20.000K in CCT mode, it has a maximum output of 12.810 lux at 1 meter, and can be powered externally via NP-F or V-Lock batteries.

The NANLITE Forza 60C was launched last month and is slowly hitting the shelves worldwide. After the Forza 60, a daylight-only LED light, the Forza 60B, which is bi-color, the Forza 60C opens new creative possibilities for content creators. Still, the Forza 60C has the same compact and lightweight form factor as its predecessors.

NANLITE Forza 60C features

We wrote an extensive article when the Forza 60C was released, but here are all the key features in a nutshell:

  • Compact and lightweight fixture: 22.4 x 11 x 8.8cm for a weight of 1.08kg.
Image credit: CineD
  • Full-color LED spotlight. It relies on RGBLAC – Red / Green / Blue / Lime / Amber / Cyan – six-color technology
  • High CRI of 96 and TLCI of 95
  • In CCT mode, it can go from 1.800K to 20.000K
  • The maximum output at 1m/3ft, at 5.600K with the included reflector, is 12.810 lux
  • It has a native FM mount to attach lighting modifiers. Also, it comes with a Bowens-style mount adapter
Image credit: NANLITE
  • You can power the NANLITE Forza 60C with two Sony NP-F batteries or traditional V-Mount batteries
  • It has wireless connectivity via 2.4Ghz WiFi and is compatible with the NANLINK App
Image credit: CineD

According to Barry Garcia from NANLITE, they are considering creating 3 Forza 60C light kits in a soft case. This compact lighting kit could be handy for one-man-band filmmakers requiring simple and effective interview lighting kits.

Image credit: CineD

Also, the company has been vague about its plans for the future, but it is not impossible to see a more powerful RGB spotlight later this year. After their recent high-output Forza 720B bi-color COB light release, it could be incredible to see such a powerful RGB spotlight option hit the market.

Image credit: NANLITE

Price and availability

The NANLITE Forza 60C is available now for $699. In the box, you’ll find a carrying case, the lamp head and protection cap, the removable yoke, a reflector, power cord, a Bowens-mount adapter, and the battery grip.

For more information, please visit NANLITE’s website here.

Did you already get your hands on the Forza 60C? Do you think RGB spotlight LED fixtures are useful? Would you like to see more high-output RGB LED spotlights released this year? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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