Morbid Metal Showed Off At Future Games Show

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The final show of the day is here with the Future Games Show. During the show they showed a look at a game titled Morbid Metal, in which you play as a samurai attempting to take down tons of robots.

So Morbid Metal is a hack and slash roguelite game that allows you to switch characters in real-time to use different powers and fight through huge hordes of machines and bosses. You choose from a team of up to 4 different characters, becoming stronger with each enemy killed and allowing you to upgrade your equipment. Once you die though, you’ll lose everything that you’ve gave so far. This promotes the careful upgrading and decisions necessary to not feel like you’re losing everything.

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Morbid Metal is created by one indie developer, Felix, and is a 3rd person science fiction roguelite in which you shapeshift into different characters to defeat your enemies. There’s no real release date for the game as of yet which is understandable, given how the game is being developed by a one-man development team.

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