Meet Atomos’ New CEO – An Interview with Estelle McGechie 

In September 2021, Atomos replaced its’ CEO with a new one, and we finally had the opportunity to catch up with Estelle McGechie, who took the lead and is striving to move the company forward to even higher heights.

For many of us, Atomos was closely associated with Jeromy Young, the founder and owner of the company, but as time changed, Jeromy had to step down simply because what was once “good enough” for a private “start-up” company is not necessarily good for a company that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Estelle McGechie - Atomos' CEO
Estelle McGechie – Atomos’ CEO Image credit: Bob Grieve, Atomos

Estelle brings the tranquility and managing experience to the table, during a time the company needed it. Being a veteran of working with Apple, Disney, Logitec, frame io, Hedge, and others, Atomos is surely only gaining from her expertise.

In the above video, I took the opportunity to get to know Estelle and ask about her past work experience, but no less important, I wanted to hear what she has to say about Atomos’ future plans. Bottom-line much more is coming soon and as NAB 2022 is just around the corner, I won’t be surprised if some of Atomos’ new offerings will be announced then. (Speaking of which, CineD will be there to bring you the latest news from the show floor. It has been a while and we are eager to meet familiar faces next to new welcomes…).

What’s covered in this Interview

0:14 – Meet the new Atomos CEO – Estelle McGechie

1:24 – On shifting her career from artistic/creative work to management

1:39 – Estelle has worked at big-name companies, such as Apple, Disney, and Logitec. What does she like about joining Atomos?

2:32 – Managing Atomos – now and then

3:24 – On the current business climate and what’s affected most

4:17 – Atomos Ninja V+: How far can this product be developed further?

5:23 – Sneak peek on what is to come?

6:11 – What happens to Atomos when cameras will be able to record ProRes RAW internally?

7:27 – Are products for streaming videos still an important part of the current line?

7:51 – By the way, how many people is Atomos currently employing?

7:56 – The importance of offering versatile solutions to all creators

Atomos Ninja V+. image credit: ATOMOS

The future of monitors/recorders

Now, while talking to Estelle, one point, in particular, was interesting to discuss, and this is the future of monitors/recorders. Let’s face it, sooner or later, many of the new mirrorless cameras and their “cinema” siblings will be capable of recording RroRes (and maybe ProRes RAW) internally. To my understanding, when and if this happens, it has the potential to affect Atomos’ business severely, but not according to Estelle. Interesting to hear her take on this matter!

Do you have any of Atomos’ products? Are you happy with them? What will you want to see next coming from the company? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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