Marvel X FIFA 23 accidentally confirmed by EA

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In what can only be described as having a mare, EA have leaked news that they are doing a collaboration with Marvel.

This may be one of the strangest places we have seen the Marvel licensing pop up after they have had multiple partnerships with other games, most notably Fortnite. 

The two parties coming together for a project like this isn’t too unbelievable considering the pre-existing relationship Disney has with EA due to their Star Wars partnership. However, Marvel and FIFA 23 may be a huge surprise for both superhero and football fans alike. 

From Heroes to Superheroes

It’s currently unclear in what capacity this will be, they may just be themed cards around the Superheroes, but it has been confirmed they will be tied into the Heroes promo somehow. 

In FIFA 22, Heroes are cards of players who have retired and deserve Hero status for their achievements in the sport. Maybe going forward though, these cards may have Spider-man at left-back, although that does seem unlikely. 

After this accidental leak it is very likely more will follow soon, primarily just so EA can clear up what is happening. If content like this is coming to FIFA 23, it’s certainly intriguing and may really spice things up, even if it is similar to what other companies are doing. 

There should be more to follow soon. 

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