Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Raid Guide

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Alberhastic is Lost Ark’s eighth and final T2 Guardian Raid. This guide will cover all of the mechanics, tips and tricks you need to know to claim this Guardian’s soul, allowing you to reap the final T2 rewards before your ascension into T3.

Guardian Raids can be attempted alone or with up to three other players, the battle is scaled for the number of players in the party. To enter, everyone in your party will need to be item level 1080+, as well as having completed all of the previous Guardian Raids. If you need more players, you can use the “find party” or “matchmaking” features to group up.

Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Raid Mechanics and Tactics

Alberhastic can be a tough fight due to three high damage and raid wipe potential attacks. This Lost Alberhastic guide will break down these attacks you can find below, alongside a few general tips to keep in mind for this one. Which ability Alberhastic is going to cast will depend on which form he is in. It is quite easy to tell the forms apart based on whether Alberhastic is flying, as well as the weapon he is wielding.

  • Red Orbs – Throughout the fight, Alberhastic will summon red orbs. You need to focus these whenever you see them. If Alberhastic is able to pick up these orbs, he will become incrementally stronger.
  • Blue Orbs – When the red orbs are destroyed, they become blue orbs that players can pick up. If a player picks up a blue orb, they receive a damage reduction buff. This can be really useful for avoiding high damage mechanics. However, picking up three of these blue orbs in quick succession will apply a partywide burn that does a lot of damage. We recommend pacing the pickups to avoid the nasty DoT.
  • Silence Ring – Alberhastic will sometimes surround itself with an orange glowing ring. Being outside of this area for too long silences the player. This means you are unable to use any abilities until you move back inside the ring.
  • Alberhastic is weak to water.

Major Attack 1 – Claw Melee Form

The claw from is nothing too spicy, rather it requires simple tracking of a few orbs, which we explain below.

  • Alberhastic will periodically summon gold and silver circles which in turn spawn gold and silver orbs. When you collect an orb, you will receive a debuff corresponding to the colour. Collecting another orb of the same colour will stun you, so avoid that. Likewise, collecting an orb of the opposite colour when you already have one will clear the effects. You can ignore these orbs until the screen flashes gold or silver and a large rune circle appears on the floor below Alberhastic.
  • Once you see this rune circle (it is quite obvious) you need to pick up an orb of the opposite colour. Alberhastic will then slam down a ball of energy doing massive damage in a very large AOE. If you collected the correct coloured orb, you will be immune to this attack. There are a few opportunities to grab an orb before the attack.

Major Attack 2 – Flying Form

This form is relatively simple too, however, if you mess it up, it is catastrophic for your health bar.

  • Alberhastic will summon four blue tornadoes onto the battlefield. When you see Alberhastic fly up into the air, you need to quickly move inside one of the tornadoes. It will knock you into the air and allow you to avoid the large AOE slam Alberhastic then performs.

Major Attack 3 – Any Form

We’ve had many fights do far that require stagger, and Alberhastic is no different. We recommend partying with a high stagger class like the stagger Gunlancer build, a Scrapper or an Artillerist.

  • At some point during the fight, Alberhastic will have an extremely faint blue aura around his body. It can be really hard to see, but if you do spot it, you need to hit him with as much stagger as possible during this time. Alberhastic will then rise a short way into the air and lasers will rain down around him. If you succeeded the stagger check earlier, a small golden ring will appear below Alberhastic, this is a temporary safe zone. He will then release a massive, high damage AOE burst.

That concludes this Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Raid Guide. We hope you found it useful! Why not check out some other content at our Lost Ark hub if you did?

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